• Electric Forklift Brick Cart

    Electric forklift cart with clamp is environmental friendly, also you can choose the diesel forklift cart with clamp. We can customize the bricks factory transpo

  • Water processing equipment

    Model:WY-03-8T-H Capcity:8-12t/h Working temperature:40℃-70℃ Working pressure:0.1-0.4MP Product features: The equipment uses advanced production tech

  • PCB Recycling Machine

    This PCB recycling machine is applicable to recycle mother boards of PC, waste circuit boards from mouse, telephone and TV, trimming of copper clad laminate (CCL

  • Cable Recycling Machine

    This cable recycling machine is applicable to recycle kinds of used cable or electric wire, for example, automobile wire, computer cable, telephone wire, enamele

  • PCB Shredder

    Our PCB shredder is an advantaged fine pulverizing equipment with absorbing kinds of other pulverizers' virtues. When it is running, raw material can be fully pu

  • Plastic Shredder

    This plastic shredder is applied to granulating various plastic pipes, plastic film, plastic bottles etc. into granules for recycling.